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Sherie Drees Yoga

More than surviving. Thriving.

A cancer diagnosis is life changing. Yoga After Cancer can help you through painful side-effects from treatment, navigate the unknowns, find your foundation again, and reconnect with yourself.

The end of cancer treatment doesn't mean a return to normal.

While gratitude for life is high, breast cancer survivors also struggle to navigate their quality of life after treatment. Survivors often are unsure how to begin to move forward, and what steps they might take to move ahead in survivorship.

Your new life is just beginning.

I believe that breast cancer survivors should have just as much guidance in the processes of survivorship as they did when they were first diagnosed with cancer.

I’m a breast cancer survivor


In 2015 at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer. After finishing my active treatment there was no doctor, nurse, or navigator to help me reassemble my life.  Survivorship is a difficult space to navigate alone. The dust settles and you realize nothing around you is quite the same. 

I began to search for connection, community,  and camaraderie through various cancer groups.  Each group helped me gather a little more sense of survival and hope, but one thing truly brought me back home, back to myself.

Yoga changed my life.

After my treatment, yoga allowed a space for me to come back to myself to rediscover who I was in this moment. It illuminated a beautiful space inside myself that allowed me to process through a very traumatic life threatening event, rediscover my body, and re-emerge from a very dark, scary space with hope, love, and confidence.   

Today I want to help other breast cancer survivors find their own healing and transformation so they can begin to make sense of this experience and truly embody who they are meant to be.

Yoga After Cancer is truly a program inspired by my personal experience and my journey as a cancer survivor. It is a program of heart, yoga, and transformation.

Sherie Drees

What I Offer

Private Classes

A private experience developed for your personal needs and experience of your survivorship.

Group Workshops

A guided experience with other breast cancer survivors to begin to explore how yoga can help heal.

Seasonal Retreats

A dedicated time to be with other breast cancer survivors to form a deeper connection to community and self.

Interested? Let’s talk.

If you think Yoga After Cancer could be a fit for you, send a message in the box below.  

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